NLP Trainers Training ABNLP- Thailand – Bruce Farrow

The International NLP Trainers Training ABNLP was originally designed by Bruce Farrow in 2008 as the NLP Trainers Training to raise standards of NLP teaching.

This event will be the TENTH time it has run. It will be held, as usual, usual, at the Hyatt Regency,Hua Hin in Thailand. It has been held here since the inaugural course back in 2009. For the first time, it will be hosted under the Palatua Ltd Banner but will still be trained by Bruce Farrow in the tried and tested format that he has developed over the years.

This course is fully accredited by the American Board of NLP – probably the largest and most recognised NLP certification board in the world.

BEWARE of NLP Trainers Trainings that are ‘certified’ by spurious certification bodies. The value of your certificate will be worthless in the NLP Training world. Also  ensure you check out the Master Trainers qualifications and ensure that they are with a major NLP certification body. Also check out people who have done the course that they offer – are they successful, or are they just talking about being successful.

Access the NLP Trainers Training website by clicking on the picture below.

NLP Trainers Training ABNLP

The International NLP Trainers Training ABNLP- Thailand.

This is not a training if you just want an NLP Trainers certificate. This is an NLP Trainer Training ABNLP for those who want to be the best. It is for those who are dedicated to being the very best NLP trainer.

Our training is not the conventional ABNLP style course. It is longer than most because we want our students to be the best and to do that requires a little more time. We do not rush our students through exercises to tick boxes. We want them to develop their new skills to a level where they are confident in using them.

In addition to the above you will find that this course contains extra content to the traditional ABNLP trainers training. This has been incorporated to give our students extra tools, knowledge and skills on their journey to becoming an inspirational , credible and totally awesome presenter.

The coaches who assist Bruce Farrow are all experienced and well known NLP trainers and consequently the level of support and attention that you will receive on this course is second to none.

Our training is very intensive with the highest standards in a perfect location resulting in our students achieving things they never thought possible.

What is this NLP Trainers Training ABNLP all about?

This NLP Trainers Training ABNLP runs from 4th September until the 28th September. The first part of the course is the training and that happens between the 4th and the 22nd September. This where we will give you the tools to become a truly excellent presenter of NLP. You will be given many opportunities to practice and hone those new skills.  The last part of the course is evaluation and this runs between the 23rd-28th September (6 days) and here you will be evaluated on your knowledge, skills, attitude and ability as an NLP trainer.

What Qualifications do I need to attend this NLP Trainers Course?

To enrol in this training you will need an NLP Master Practitioner certificate from a recognised NLP certification body. By that we mean ABNLP, INLPTA, IATA or SNLP. If your certificate is from any other body please contact as to ascertain whether we would accept it.

If you have just an NLP Practitioner certificate, you can still attend this training. However, on successful completion of the training we would withold your NLP Trainers certificate until you have attended a course and produced a Master Practitioner Certificate.

The Quality of this NLP Trainers Training ABNLP.

NLP Trainers Training is probably the most important NLP training that you could undertake. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity and investment and that is why we have focussed on delivering the highest quality training. We have done this by doing the following.

  1. To allow you time to ‘nail’ the skills that you have learned we made the training longer than conventional NLP Trainers Training ABNLP .
  2. By the end of this training most students are able to present ANY topic within NLP at a moments notice. That is the standard of this training.
  3. We put the training in a 5 star location in, perhaps, the most beautiful country in the world – Thailand. This gives you a superb environment to make this training special and at a reasonable price.
  4. It is certified by the ABNLP – one of the largest certification boards in the world.
  5. Bruce Farrow, your Certified NLP Master Trainer is VERY experienced. This is the 10th time he has led an NLP Trainers Training.
  6. Your coaches are all experienced NLP trainers in their own right. They will have run many practitioner and master practitioner courses in their lifetime.

What happens if I book?

The first thing that you will receive is our NLP Trainers Training ABNLP delegate guidance. This is a details exactly what to prepare and how to prepare for this event. You will also be provided any of our practitioner and master practitioner course manuals. You will also be provided with any of our audio/video programmes that you do not already have.

If you follow the instructions in the delegate guidance you will arrive in Thailand ready for action. You will be able to focus on the training. This is better than trying to revise content that you should have already known!

Our training works on the basis of “we explain, we demonstrate, you do”. Every concept that we present will have an exercise that you will complete. Quality feedback will then be given to you from your coaches and trainers. Every section builds on the last section so you will quickly go from an ‘average’ presenter into something quite special.

The training times are 1.15pm until 8pm. The mornings are kept free for you to prepare, or to receive coaching if you wish.

By the end of the training the majority of our students can present ANY topic in the field of NLP, without notes. This can be done at a moments notice and do it in an inspiring way. Remember this is not like conventional NLP Trainers Training ABNLP where the focus is on you being able to present 2 topics of your own choice by the end of the training. As you will find out, there are a lot more than 2 topics on an NLP course!

One last thing – Bruce Farrow trains every section of the course. He does not leave sections to others such is the attention to detail!