Challenging Crisis with NLP

Challenging Crisis with NLP Workshop – 8 places available

Recently Bruce Farrow, our consultant and Master Trainer, had the opportunity of using his skillset to good effect when he was diagnosed with lung and brain cancer.

Obviously, being a Master Trainer of NLP he knew a bit about NLP and TLT but had never really had a full on opportunity to use it to cope with a major personal challenge and, to be fair, we don’t really teach this. Pretty well all of our teachings are about helping others – but what about ourselves?

This one thing that lasted (so far) 18 weeks has taught him is how to help himself during crisis. Now is the time to share what he learned.

The Concept

The idea of the workshop is to teach real NLP skills that can be used by self on self when in a crisis. This doesn’t have to be a health crisis, it can be any crisis that people face on a daily basis around the world.

It could be

  • relationship crisis,
  • financial crisis,
  • bankruptcy,
  • bereavement,
  • academic crisis
  • health crisis.
  • Or any other crisis

The problem with a crisis is that you have no idea when one is round the corner so waiting until you have had one, is not a clever decision. This workshop will give you the tools when and if you have a crisis in your life. It will show you ways of reducing the stress which will of course, allow clearer thinking and consequently AND possibly give route to a better solution.

As you may be aware Bruce Farrow lives in what I perceive to be the most beautiful part of the UK – Cornwall. So I thought it would be nice to combine some teachings (of the above) with a mini break so you too can see the beautiful landscapes that he is fortunate enough to live in and I am lucky enough to have visited

The idea, and this is still in its infancy, will be to do workshops in the morning (venue will be within his village) and in the afternoons we will take you out around Cornwall so you too can see something special.

The food is exceptional, the views stunning and the workshop – well, we will wait and see!!!

How it will work

The accommodation will be an Air BNB style cottage and we are trying to get the whole group in one house. I think this is unlikely but we will try. There will be some sharing of rooms to keep costs down.

Then you will attend the workshop in the village and then enjoy a pleasant afternoon seeing sights that I assure you will impress. We will include some stunning walks so Barney (Bruce’s gorgeous dog) can join us too!

In the Evenings we will eat together, if you wish, have the odd drink in the local pub and then retire.

The Weather

One thing we make no promises on in the UK is the weather! September marks the first month of autumn and also when temperatures on land and sea begin to start falling as winter is just around the corner. However, this is still one of the more popular times of the year to visit Cornwall as many of the crowds have gone home and water temperatures are still warm enough to enjoy. Additionally, there is always the chance of an Indian summer making the month warmer than normal and even more pleasant.

Challenging Crisis with NLP – Booking—Read carefully

7th-13th September 2019

I have mentioned that this workshop is EXCLUSIVE. There is only a possibility of 8 seats available due to limitations placed by available accommodation and mini bus seats etc.

This workshop is also exclusive to CYP NLP & Palatua Ltd (UK). No other companies run this training nor are qualified so to do.

If we have any more than 8 someone will be disappointed.

So to make it easy there is NO registration for this workshop. It is either a “yes” I am coming or “no” I am not coming!!!! If it is a yes then a booking HAS to be accompanied by the workshop fee.

The fee can be paid by electronic banking in GPB Pounds sterling or Ringgits. We can also take credit or debit cards (Visa or Mastercharge). We take cash too !!!

For booking please either contact Bruce Farrow on Whatsapp or by phone. +44 7779 60 2000 or by email at You can also contact out sole Asian partner, Seow Wuay Tan, at  +6012 423 0917 on Whatsapp or phone, or by email on Seow Wuay will be accompanying you to the workshop and is assisting with the organisation.

For enquiries use the same contact details. I am very happy to talk things through with you.

We are VERY excited about this workshop and hope to combine amazing learnings that are so useful to everyone with the awesome sights of Cornwall. Our aim is to give you a educational holiday !!!!!

I hope to see you here in September and do not delay in booking. I have a feeling those seats will go fast. I can’t wait to be back there!