About Bruce Farrow – NLP Master Trainer

bruce farrow nlp master trainerBruce Farrow NLP Master Trainer is the holder of the following certifications and memberships.

  • Certified Master Trainer of NLP (ABNLP)
  • Certified Trainer of Master Time Line Therapy™ (TLTA)
  • Certified Trainer of Master NLP Coach (ABNLP)
  • Certified Master Trainer of Hypnosis (ABH)

Bruce Farrow came to Neuro-Linguistic Programming late in life! He had never heard of it until he was 40!

Bruce Farrow spent the first 20 years of his employed life in the corporate world, working his way up from the ground floor up to senior management and director level in the car industry, the motor cycle industry and a brief spell in financial services . At the end of this period of his life he he discovered NLP whilst dealing with some challenges he was facing at that time.

He went on an NLP Practitioner Course and found the changes he made within himself were, to say the least significant and he was struck with the power of this science. He went on to complete a couple of Master practitioner Courses (the first one wasn’t very good) where he made further changes to himself and decided to change careers and spread the word of NLP by becoming a trainer, which he subsequently did.

When he started training NLP in the UK, courses were VERY expensive and he had a view that the pricbruce farrow nlp training windsore was keeping NLP out of sight of many who simply could not afford £3000 for an NLP Practitioner course. So he set about pricing NLP at an affordable and reasonable level and his courses filled up instantly.

He made an early decision that he would never take more than 18 people on his courses to ensure people got value for money and actually learned something. Quality of training was his focus right from the start and his students benefitted.

Having seen himself how poor some NLP training was, he made sure that his trainings were precise, focussed and non-ambiguous and the results were that his students attained amazing results and more and more people started coming to his trainings. There were few trainings that were not full because the word had spread!

So for 6 years, he worked hard and conducted on average 12 NLP Practitioner courses and 3 master Practitioner courses every year – and pretty well all were full. He took many of his students to another Master Trainers Trainer’s Training and they were always the top students on the TT course thus giving him feedback that his training worked.

By this time he ran the 2nd largest NLP Training company in the UK and had been training all over the world, by invitation. He had trained extensively in the Middle East where he owned the largest NLP Training company in the Middle East and had also trained in Thailand, Australia and Europe.

In 2008 he was recognised by the ABNLP as a Master Trainer because of the quality of his trainings plus the amount of high quality trainings that he had carried out.

In 2009 he launched the globally recognised International NLP Trainers Training which was designed by Bruce Farrow and his co-trainer at the time as being the trainers training to set standards in the NLP community. It was harder, longer, more comprehensive and tested the students very thoroughly and was an instant success. It has run every year since that date and 2017 will be the ninth time he has trained it.

In 2015 he decided that, after 15 years of travelling around the country, spending as much as 8 months a year in hotels, that it was time to hang up his training hat which he subsequently did in early 2016. By that time he had trained around 175 practitioner courses and about 70 Master Practitioner courses and 7 trainers trainings plus multiple coach, time line therapy and hypnosis courses.

In 2019 he was diagnosed with cancer and has spent much of this year being treated for it. He has every confidence in the medical treatment that he is receiving and appears to be on the road to recovery although it is accepted that this takes a little time.

He still trains the International NLP Trainers Training every September and occasionally helps out his star students with their courses just to keep his hand in (and to keep an eye on them!)

He now has a manufacturing business outside the UK and does specialised consultancy work within the NLP industry, in his spare time.

Bruce Farrow – Hobbies

Bruce enjoys golf, fencing, classic American Car restoration and all types of motor sport. He lives in London with his wife Lyn, his two children and his golden retriever dog, Barney.

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